A unique wellness space

For this reason, we have spacious and comfortable facilities, perfectly equipped to transport you to a setting of total relaxation, where you can also enjoy maximum privacy.

We take care of every detail

Advanced technology

We have the most up to date and modern machinery for aesthetic treatments, with unique equipment in Lanzarote and pioneers in the world of advanced aesthetics, such as Indiba Deep Beauty ER45 for cell regeneration and drainage of toxins, US2A Sequential Ultrasound for the elimination of deep and superficial fat, Venus New Life for skin toning through electrostimulation, Bloomea Paris, a powerful eliminator of scars, blemishes and skin marks such as stretch marks, Hydralift FX, for deep cleansing and facial regeneration, and ocular pressotherapy, to recover a luminous look.

Privacy and relaxation

Our facilities are designed to offer the greatest wellbeing to the patient, therefore, our centre is the best space in Lanzarote where you can feel at peace, in the greatest privacy, while you take care of your beauty and wellbeing. In addition, we have easy access and parking in the immediate vicinity.