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Body Indiba

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This radiofrequency technology, with the proionic system, is effective against cellulite, facilitates the dissolution of lipids and fatty acids and redefines the silhouette. It also softens, tones and moisturises the skin in this area, as well as promoting regeneration and rejuvenation. *Body Indiba package 10 sessions *Indiba body package 12 sessions

Ultrasonic US2A

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Exclusive technology based on the use of dual action ultrasound. It is the only equipment in the world that acts simultaneously and selectively on 2 levels (superficial and deep fat). This treatment reduces the volume of fat, both localised in areas such as the love handles, or in larger areas such as the thighs or […]

Muscle electrostimulation

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Muscle electrostimulation is an innovative technology that tones up to three areas at the same time. It is a non-invasive and painless treatment that eliminates toxins, tones, reduces volume and eliminates signs of ageing.

Slimming Express Manual Anti-Cellulite Massage

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In just 30 minutes, see the effects of this treatment, with which orange peel skin is significantly reduced, obtaining a notable loss of volume and a visible draining effect.