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Talking about aesthetics and beauty in Lanzarote is talking about "The Beauty Secret".

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The Beauty Secret By Afef Dammak is an exceptional beauty and aesthetic centre specialised in the integral and personalised care of each patient's skin and body.It is managed by Afef Dammak, a nationally recognised professional with more than 24 years of experience, making this centre a benchmark in Lanzarote thanks to its commitment to the most effective treatment technology and the most innovative treatments.

Personalised diagnosis

The Beauty Secret offers a consultation session prior to each treatment, in order to know the objectives of each patient, their problems and needs. As a result of this session, a personalised diagnosis is made with a tailor-made treatment proposal, always adapted to the different needs and expectations of each patient.

The latest developments in apparatology

At The Beauty Secret we are committed to the latest developments in technology and aesthetic appliances to obtain the best results in the right and necessary time. We have pioneering and unique advanced equipment in Lanzarote.

Private and intimate atmosphere

Located in Playa Blanca, The Beauty Secret is in one of the quietest and most intimate areas of the island, offering the best environment for relaxation and disconnection of the patient, with flexible opening hours and absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Skin care and the importance of specific treatments

Aesthetic treatments are not just about looking good. Talking about aesthetics involves taking care of the skin, both inside and out. For this reason, The Beauty Secret's treatments are aimed at overall wellbeing, adapting to each specific need or problem.


Body Treatments

Toning, firming the skin, body remodelling or reducing localised fat. Our body treatments are adapted to your needs to effectively achieve the desired results.

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Facial Treatments

The face is our calling card and taking care of it means taking care of first impressions and feeling good about ourselves. Recovering the luminosity of the eyes, oxygenating the face, boosting cell regeneration and rejuvenation are some of the results you can achieve with our facial treatments.

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Medical Aesthetics (Dr. Moisés Amselem)

Taught by Doctor Moisés Anselem. World reference in aesthetic medicine.

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Wellness Treatments

Recovering your inner balance, enhancing your beauty and improving your health is possible thanks to The Beauty Secret's holistic wellness treatments, which will help you regain your vitality and feel renewed.

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