Aesthetic Medical Treatments (Dr.Moisés Amselem)

Available treatments

Hyaluronic acid

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Hyaluronic acid helps increase skin moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles achieving smoother, plumper skin cells.  It is also used to reduce facial folds and to create structure and volume to the face and lips.

Collagen Induction

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With this treatment, you will notice how little by little the depth of your wrinkles decrease and how the texture and thickness of the skin improves.  It counters the signs of skin aging by rejuvenating the skin and giving it that special glow.

Luminous skin

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Luminosity is defined by two parameters: skin tone and radiance. The skin tone or color is determined by the amount of melanin (its exacerbated accumulation produces spots) and oxyhemoglobin of the small vessels (its increase produces redness, couperose …).  IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is an effective treatment for these types of imperfections, which in just […]

Correction of wrinkles

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Wrinkles are one the most visible signs of the aging process. Some appear as a result of facial muscle movements while others are caused due to the progressive loosening of fat and natural facial tissue. Dr. Amselem, is an international renowned expert at fighting skin signs of aging, blurring lines, wrinkles and achieving facial rejuvenation.